Fashion has gone to the dogs.

by sincerelyfee

This opulent gold furniture piece calls to memory scrounging for quarters as a child–and it begs the question, ‘What’s in your sofa?’

While digging for change in your sofa one day, it coughs up US$1,000.

‘Brilliant,’ you think to yourself, ‘now I can get the ferocious dog t-shirt I’ve always wanted.’

….What? You mean to say, you haven’t the slightest inkling regarding what I’m blathering on about?

I’m gushing about the fact Balenciaga, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Givenchy and any/every-awesome-designer has a cool dog face plastered on his/her/its portfolio.

See here! For $925 (yes, that leaves you with $75 to spare….to buy 11 cases of gluten-free Otter Pops)–you can be the proud owner of 1x Black Maille Intarsia Dog Printed Round Neck Sweater by Balenciaga.

This doggy sweater is already taken/worn by model Aymeline Valade. Get your own at <>.

If this pup looks too friendly/slobbery to you–you might opt for Givenchy’s rabid rottweiler: he’s gender-nondiscriminatory and terrifying.

Silk angry rottweiler print t-shirt by Givenchy. Worn by Kanye West (left) and Liv Tyler (right).

At only US$300–the Givenchy Angry Dog Tee is a bargain that Black Friday couldn’t make more attractive. Snag one, quick, at Barney’s.

In case you’re feeling hungry for some further justification for the great, great, great purchase, Vanessa from TheHautePursuit writes:

like many out there, when i first saw the givenchy rottweiler print, i knew i had to have it.

Eh? Eh? I mean, with US$700 left to spare–you could also pop on a stole made of Melanistic Eastern Grey Squirrels, made by Diane von Furstenberg.

It takes 50 Melanistic Eastern Grey Squirrels to trim this cardi. Just kidding, guys. This piece is actually made of wool and cute, little foxes. All pre-dead of course.

BEWARE: These furry little dudes bite.