Caviar d’Escargot

by sincerelyfee

These cheesy, garlicky, scrumptious little devils can be more slippery than meets the eye.

I will never forget the first time I ate Escargot de Bourgogne. This was at Jean-Georges in Shanghai. With much effort I tried de-shelling the little morsels with a fork and a knife; I did not want to get my fingers greasy. In the process was accidentally catapulted a snail into the drink of a Chinese Politiburo member enjoying lunch at a different table, fatty garlicky butter and all. It caused a splash in his drink. My face flushed red, as did his.

And now, on the topic of embarrassing gastronomic endeavours–let’s turn to something completely different. Caviar d’Escargot. Yes, snails lay eggs like chickens do.

At $115/400g–the price escargot caviar is comparable to that of its fishy counterpart, sturgeon caviar. A couple from Picardie in northeast of Paris has a farm of 50,000 snails. Man and wife has dedicated their lives to rearing the gasteropods and harvesting their cream-colored eggs, which they describe as having “subtle autumn flavours with woody notes.” Would you try??