$$$ Foods

by sincerelyfee

I never quite understood the purpose of putting gold flakes on food besides enabling someone to be able to say, “I ate gold flakes on my food….(?)” This was, in fact, the first thought I had on the way to Tokyo from Shanghai on a weekend trip — the airline hostesses offered everyone in first-class dark chocolate mousse topped with gold flakes. Economy got a fruit salad of tomatoes and cantaloupe, I believe; the bewilderment of foreigners emanated down the isles.

At Wall Street Burger Shoppe, you can purchase a $175 hamburger topped with gold leaf, black truffles (which are less expensive and less tasty than white truffles), Kobe beef and foie gras. Richard Nouveau (presumably his name stems from a play on the term “nouveau riche”) invented this monstrosity, to mock the extravagant lifestyle sought by many.

Or how about coffee beans defecated by civets?

You know, these guys:

For only $50USD per cup, you can get a purportedly magnificent taste of the civet’s digestive tract. Actually, it’s just coffee that isn’t bitter due to fermentation.

That amounts to $3,000USD/kg for those of you who are actually interested in signing your life away to a ridiculously expensive cup of Joe.

Here’s the poop coffee:

And afterwards, you could treat yourself to a throne of toilets, made in Japan by INAX.

Actually, it’s considered the god of toilets.

To join Puff Daddy in his white truffle adventures, go to: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,2029487,00.html