MS Surface Revealed

by sincerelyfee

At .37in for the RT tablet, the Microsoft Surface really is beautifully thin to hold. Plus, the keyboard cover is inspired by those overpriced, lovely faux-leather (polyurethane) moleskin notebooks. The keyboard is clickable in many manners of speaking ($129 for the model with tactile feedback, and it clicks in place with the tablet).

To see the dancing and clicking revolution in action (outfitted with krumping school girls), allow me to present The MS Surface Commercial in Technicolor:

We don’t actually see anyone using the Surface in the commercial — and I guess there’s a reason behind that. The Surface is a brilliant, clean-cut piece of hardware, but it’s still running Windows. Windows. Uncool. Suits are salivating already, having long awaited an alternative to the iPad which actually lets you create, not consume media for hours at a time.

….Indeed, it’s clear Microsoft means business with its ‘baby’ — which is more a tablet-netbook than it is a tablet-tablet for media consumption (which really originally seemed a cross between a laptop and an iPod Touch). If you look at keynote speeches from MS in early summer, you’ll hear the guys in Redmond averring that they’ve been working in the Surface since before the iPad1 was publicly announced. Whether you buy this or not, it’s undeniable that a tonne of work has gone into this thing:

Magnesium, eh? So that means the Surface is tough. So tough, in fact, MS chief Steven Sinofsky felt confident adding wheels to this thing and riding it around.

MS turns its Surface into skateboard.


Besides making a sturdy albeit makeshift skateboard, the MS Surface is cool as in sci-fi techno-music cool: If a sleek commercial and solid, artistic hardware design isn’t enough to make you ALT-Tab and pre-order (doesn’t matter, it’s backordered 3 weeks now)…. Well, actually those aren’t the best reasons. Not everyone is fond of Windows (and for those who are, they tend to loathe Windows 8). As for commercials representing the viability of a product, we only need turn to IE:

FYI the MS Surface won’t be running IE9 — it’ll be running IE10. You (probably) and I are thinking, ‘It’s still IE.’

This is not to hate on Microsoft. I really like the direction the company is going. But it still hasn’t shed the image of the ‘nerd trying too hard to be cool.’ At this point Microsoft is just trying desperately to catch up with its counterpart; it’s still pushing to get a serious foothold in the music industry via XBox (byebye Zune). Images can change, however. Jai You, MS and MS Surface!

To see the official MS Surface webpage, go to: <>.