Stupid Water Commercials

by sincerelyfee

In Korea, you know you’re a seasoned Popstar (Idol) if you can pose with products and make  a pretty penny. Here’s former Super Junior member Hankyung in a Chinese commercial for CF eye drops:

Indeed, Hankyung eye drops make you smart — despite the jingle is mildly grating on the ears. DON’T YOU WANT TO SEE THE BOARD? If yes, buy CF eyedrops. Or get glasses.

On the topic of saline solution, let’s consider bottled water that’s infused with electrolytes. “I mean, it’s just water packaged in plastic, so what’s the big deal?” you might ask. Well, my response would be: doesn’t Beyonce make hydration via spring water seem….awesome?

Moral of the Story 1: Beyonce Water! It’s a beautiful nightmare when you splash it everywhere.

Moral of the Story 2: A billionaire singer with a pretty face, good hair, sparkles and high heels never fails to add a touch of glamour to the simplest things. Including water that tastes exactly like tap.

Now for some Breaking News: Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with triplets. And her foetuses like SmartWater.

Surely the audience is sold on the claim “SmartWater is smarter” because Jennifer Aniston is pregnant and has a closet full of wigs. Not to mention a full grown child and a second child who looks like a little green man.

Last but not least, Naive less Brains Évian-les-Bains water takes the trophy this afternoon for best water commercial. What defines best? Err, CGI trick-rollerskating babies of course.

I don’t know about you, but I think $16.50USD for a large mineral water spray (makes your face wet) is a bargain. And a very good product overall. You can buy one (1) EVIAN: Large Mineral Water Spray at Sephora. Apparently it’s a cult-favorite there.

Makes your face dripping wet.

Sephora BeautyInsider ‘layners’ says:

“I have been made fun of a lot by my bf for using this, because, yes, it is essentially pressurized water in a can that you’re paying $16 for, but it really is lovely. And hey, it’s not like this is just city tap water either. I am obsessed with this stuff in the summer. So refreshing and helps your make up set nicely.”

PEOPLE, there’s no reason to settle for tap water (costs $2.10/748 gallons) when bottled water is relatively much more expensive.