Crime and Punishment

by sincerelyfee

As someone who hates chewing gum, particularly stepping on it, I’ve twice exclaimed in horror, “If I were ruler of the world, I’d have anyone who spat gum on the ground have their thumbs cut off….just a little.” Including myself if I ever committed such an offence.

Just kidding. Maybe 49 lashes as opposed to 50 (Singapore infamously does the latter). And by 49 lashes, I mean eyelash implants.

Vogue Nippon model Judith Bedard looks bitter, devastated and clearly remorseful:

Eyelash implants could be a fitting form of punishment for discarding chewing gum improperly.

Or she has a headache. (For more eyelash ‘dos’, peruse Love Them Or Leave Them: Crazy False Lashes.)

Seriously, there’s no good reason to stick an unwanted gum wad to the underbelly of a table. No good reason to drop it on the sidewalk either. If you don’t want it, neither does anyone else. Might I suggest the trash can?

And on the same topic of harsh punishments….what do you think about labor camps for drug addicts? A legitimate form of rehab, or no?

And if shelling cashews sounds as trivial as shelling pistachios to you….it’s not. Cashew shells are caustic (acid) and cause burns.

For some, a Los Angeles boot camp for teens might hit closer to home:

An investigation revealed that supervisors forced participants to chug water until they vomited.

For your further consideration:

TIME: Tortured in the Name of Drug Treatment.

Now, for those readers who cannot sympathise with drug addicts, what about internet addiction? Imagine if addiction to Facebook (RenRen in China) warranted death by beating….